Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Every day, with every ribbon of light, we stumble upon new things; new roads in our sight, new people, new stories, and new ropes are formed that interlace our lives. It may be overwhelming at first, but as time goes by and with several intimate encounters with life and long hours of training, you'll do fine and catch up to the pace.
And that old foe, time, the composer of our high-pitched major moments and low-pitched minor moments as well, is still there, playing that old symphony, which never stops, therefore; try to make the best out of it.
Try to make memories, memories of that soul-touching music, that beautiful aroma, that cool summer breeze, that forceful river, and that unexpected visitor which breaks into our lives, changing, rearranging.
Memories become more and more distant and less conspicuous every day, like dying sounds or a scent of a rose fading away, and what remain behind are the falling leaves and music from that hill over yonder. But since we're not ready to give up on life already, we keep them.
It's all we have after all; all we have is a memory. Life can be lived once, and if it passes us by without leaving us a stone to say I'm from that village or a whiff to say I fell in love under that tree; then we can say life was not worth living. So strive to make joyful memories and do your best to keep them, so you can say, I lost my heart here and I lost my village there.

Tariq Fouad Awad - 26 March 2010